Highly entertaining and insightful masterclass @IGD_Events in London with speaker @shelfgiant on Creativity. If you see the same things everyday, you most likely won’t find a lot of change and will have the same ideas as everyone else. Great tips for breaking habits and forming new ones to find inspiration: Continue reading


Leading & Managing Change

Thanks to @CIMA_UK_Events for organizing a great evening with an insightful presentation from @Business_Evolve on the challenges and impact of change on an organisation. My key takeaway: successfully navigating the seven seismic shifts: Continue reading

Critical skills needed for finance to cut through complexity

Some interesting insight into the changing role of the finance professional. From communication to influencing, a management accountant’s role is more than just crunching the numbers!

“The expansion of finance professionals’ roles in an increasingly complex business environment has created the need for more skills development.”

Vietnam Emerges as Coffee Giant

Interesting read about a country whose whole economy has been shaped by the fortunes of the humble coffee bean.

Vietnam Emerges as Coffee Giant

When one strolls into their favorite coffee shop on a typical arctic-conditions day like the ones we’ve been enjoying in … Read more

Managing Change Successfully

We all know change is an integral part of life and the business world. It’s the ability to adapt to change that set successful businesses apart from the rest. Look no further than BlackBerry’s $900m second quarter loss and subsequent restructure to see this case in point.

Here are two models that are frequently used to understand organisational change.

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