Great article on customer service trends of 2015.

Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Customer Service In 2015
Blake Morgan,

In the future customer service will become increasingly savvy about how to deal with issues early on, even preventing them. Mobile technology, sensors and voice recognition will allow companies to communicate with the customer and add value in new…


Vietnam Emerges as Coffee Giant

Interesting read about a country whose whole economy has been shaped by the fortunes of the humble coffee bean.

Vietnam Emerges as Coffee Giant

When one strolls into their favorite coffee shop on a typical arctic-conditions day like the ones we’ve been enjoying in … Read more

Big Data is Already Here

A recent article in an issue of Financial Management from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants struck a chord as it looked to answer the question about how we value data. Look at any CFO survey and this topic is at the forefront of today’s financial leaders.

Recently Unilever CFO Jean Marc Huet mentioned in an interview his company’s aspiration to be able to model profitability right down to a customer/consumer level incorporating different data from a plethora of sources, including social media. Think about that for a minute. A global multinational company with thousands of products, customers, routes to market where understanding customer profitability would be a challenge in itself! Throw in a hundred million consumers and thousands of social media sources and you’re quickly looking at a mountain of data to mine.

With CIMA quoting year-on-year increases of data within organisations as high as 59%, business will need to have a strategic vision as to how they plan to tackle big data, what business analytics tools they will invest in and how they use insights gleaned to drive decision making and competitive advantage.